Run your code in the cloud.

burst lets you run your software remotely in the cloud, on powerful GPUs or multicore CPUs. The hardware is booted up and stopped automatically, so you only pay for the time you use.

We support remote computing on Amazon Web Services and will be adding more (Google Cloud Platform support is currently in beta).

Documentation: Overview | Quickstart | Examples | Full User Guide

burst is open source on github

Burst v1.2 is now available!

New features since v1.1:

burst jupyter

This command will run a remote JupyterLab server on any hardware, creating an interactive Python development environment on a remote machine.

Idle time-out

Burst will now automatically stop a remote server if it is in an interactive mode (“burst run” or “burst jupyter”) and the machine has been idle for a predetermined time (default 15 min).


Expanded installation and configuration instructions, as well as project examples and a full User Guide, are now available: burstable.readthedocs.io

Burst v1.2 is on the pypi server.

Get a clean install with:

pip3 install burstable

or upgrade with:

pip3 install --upgrade burstable